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GetAyuda, your trusted manufacturing partner in Mexico

How it works (large orders only)

First step

Product request

  • Tell us your product requirements and materials

  • Submit your product designs and specifications

  • Receive quotes in less than 48 hours

  • Request your product sample

Second step

Receive sample

  • Send updated sample changes and requests

  • Approve final sample with manufacturer

  • Receive production invoice

  • Pay requested amount of pre-production balance (**in some cases, full payment is required up front)

Third step

Production begins

  • Monitor production updates

  • Chat with us on production changes

  • Receive notification when production is finished

  • Pay remaining production balance

Fourth step

Receive your product

  • Receive shipping information

  • Monitor products in transit

  • Receive your products

  • Start selling!

Simple Pricing

5% Fee per transaction

  • Catered service

  • Manufacture sourcing

  • Quality control

  • Shipping and logistics

  • Packaging

  • Personalized printing

  • Offices in Mexico

  • Due diligence

**We may increase quote rates to cover other expenses we may incur such as exchange rate fluctuations

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