Has COVID slowed down your factory production?

Let us match the quality and price of your products so you can focus more on selling.

All products are quoted from Mexican factories.

How it works?

Product request

  • Tell us your product requirements and materials

  • Submit your product designs and specifications

  • Receive quotes in less than 48 hours

  • Request your product sample

Receive sample

  • Send updated sample changes and requests

  • Approve final sample with manufacturer

  • Receive production invoice

  • Pay requested amount of pre-production balance (in some cases, full payment is required up front)

Production begins

  • Monitor production updates

  • Chat with us on production changes

  • Receive notification when production is finished

  • Pay remaining production balance

Receive your product

  • Receive shipping information

  • Monitor products in transit

  • Receive your products

  • Start selling!

Simple Pricing



5% fee per transaction

  • Catered service, Manufacturer sourcing, Quality control, Shipping and logistics, Packaging, Personalised printing, Offices in Mexico, Due diligence.

**Buyers beware: Getayuda does not guarantee we will always find the product, quote, and quality you are expecting. Quote rates may increase due to exchange rate fluctuations

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What founders are saying about our service

  • Shaan P.

I understand GetAyuda's Customer state because I'm literally working with them for my Chinese supplier to move to Mexico. So, I know that I can sleep at night while my business still runs. Because I am the customer, I understand what the customer should feel like in that

Former CEO of Bebo (sold to Amazon) & Host of My First Million podcast.

  • Zeev L.

As the founder of Jacze, I use to manufacture our line of male accessory clothing in China. GetAyuda assisted me in finding a factory in Mexico that matched the quality and price I was looking for. Also, we sell in North America which made our shipping costs more affordable.

CEO- Jacze

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